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New Approach to Estate Planning

Looking for a Solicitor to write your will?

A solicitor may be qualified and regulated BUT a solicitor is

Too expensive

Too impersonal

Too formal

Too distant

Too inconvenient

Too high-handed.

That plush office in the city centre, the assistants, the receptionists, the sharp suits, they all need paying for.

You’re an extraordinary person but in the scheme of things your legal needs are quite ordinary, too ordinary for a firm of legal highflyers. They won’t be interested and the service they provide will reflect this.


Our Prices are competitive and affordable.

We’re convenient - just a telephone call away.

We’re friendly and approachable.


Legally qualified


Regulated & Insured. (Member of the Society of Will Writers.)

We are interested in you, we want to be bothered and provide you with a dedicated consultant throughout.

Most importantly we’re honest and unbiased. For independent, no nonsense information and news, see our latest blog post here

No Pressure, no hard sell.


Would you be open to learning more about how we can help you achieve your estate planning goals?

Secure your family’s future without the cost and inconvenience of consulting a solicitor.

Call New Approach Wills now or check out our website here.

Call us on 0800 702 2167 or email us at and let us know when we can give you a call to discuss your estate planning requirements.

We guarantee it won’t be a waste of your time.

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