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Last Will & Testament


Last Will and Testament

Seven Reasons to Make a Will.

  • Ensure that your property goes to the right people.

  • Reduce inheritance tax and maximise the amount your heirs receive.

  • Protect your children and grandchildren.

  • Chose the executors that you want not ones appointed by law.

  • Minimise the risk of family disputes.

  • Leave specific gifts for those special to you.

  • Without a will your property & possessions are distributed according to the Rules of Intestacy. 

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Single Wills, Mirror Wills & Property Trust Wills

  • A single will clearly expresses your wishes about how you want your property and possessions to be distributed , includes naming executors & guardians, specifying funeral wishes, specific gifts and gifts of the estate.

  • A mirror will is the same as the above but mirrors your partners wishes, ideal for married couples.

  • A property trust will allows you to leave your assets into the shelter of a trust , allowing a nominated person to benefit from the property without actually owning it. You can ensure that your children do not get disinherited, give a right to reside to loved ones and protest your share of the property from future care home fees.  


Your Will Made Easy.

  1. Speak to one of our friendly lawyers/estate planners from the comfort of your own home by telephone or Zoom.

  2. Our experienced estate planning professionals will prepare a draft of your will and copies are sent to you by email and post.

  3. Check and approve your will and let us know.

  4. Your final documents are prepared and sent to you by post.

  5. Sign your will at home in front of two witnesses. (Zoom/telephone support available).

  6. Return your will to us for secure storage or keep it safe at your home.  

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